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Yalova Elyaf / Yalova / Turkey


Yalova Elyaf / Yalova

Architectural Project & Design:
Gokhan Avcioglu & GAD
Building Type:
Construction Area:
1170 m2
Project Site Area:
168000 m2

The project is an administrative annex erected inside the premises of the Yalova - Elyaf fiber factory on the south coastline of the Marmara Sea. The factory complex is composed of many large and small buildings built by pre-cast concrete components on a 42 acres of land.

The program for the annex is a result of the changing needs of the 25 year-old factory complex and consists of new rooms for training, meeting and administration functions. Designing in an industrial context the main reference has been the contradictory relation between the existing massive buildings and the metal pipes, bridges, towers and silos surrounding them.

The steel structure situated between the existing administration building and the factory buildings apart from serving the required functions will also carry the factory logo board that will be seen from the entrance and the main road. This double-sided board also provides space for the disposals’ ducks connected to the central heating pipes and mechanical installations that expand from the ground to the roof.

The strategy  for the realisation of the building relied on a fast manufacturing and assemblage system, not exceeding the limits imposed by the market and financial resources, and which did not occupy the factory precincts for a long time. Surrounding the light steel structure, a triple glass frame backed with blinds, together with a bright composite panel façade system, randomly used on all sides, provides both an economic climatising system through openings and noggins, and a surprising outer and inner effect of volume depth. Minimalising and eliminating details, relating the different effects and colours of light through day and night with new experiments was preferred so as to permanently enhance the architectural repertoire in the choice of materials.

The building stands on the side of the road like a caravan or container. Every element of the structure can be pulled out, reset or substituted and this "light construction” can be dismantled and taken to another place if that is needed one day.