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(N)Erbil City Masterplan / Erbil / Iraque


(N)Erbil City Masterplan / Erbil

Architectural Project & Design:
Gokhan Avcioglu & GAD
Project Team:
Ozan Ertug, Semih Acar, John Young, Jonas Kirsch
Building Type:
Experimental, Urban Planning
Construction Area:
75000 m2
Project Site Area:
3000000 m2

Linear Mountain

Erbil is a city in northern Iraq that is the regional capital of the largely ethnic Kurdish governerate of Erbil. GAD was asked to design a master plan for the city known for it’s oil economy with the goal of creating a modern urban center that also took advantage of the natural setting. The Master Plan by GAD envisions a cosmopolitan city with a variety of zones for business, tourist, retail, leisure and recreational activities. At the center of the Plan is Central Business District of dense towers, home to the petroleum business, that is balanced by a grid of low rise retail and residential blocks with courtyards. These blocks are placed in a linear manner on either side of the river that runs through the valley and the mountains further up the hillsides. On these hillside are villages that look down onto this new Erbil of wide avenues, plazas and riverside promenades in an integrated network of public spaces.


CFS: Comprehensive Feasibility Study FUDS: Further Urban Design Study ZP: Zoning Plan MCP: Master Concept Plan PODP: Preliminary Outline Development Plan OMDP: Outline Master Development Plan CDA: Comprehensive Development Area GIIC: Government, Institution of community TPB: Town Planning Board CPLD: Comittee for Planning and Land Dev.Focus Groups Arts Culture Development Transportation Site Ecology Sustainable Urbanism

Planning Content

To bring the people to GlOilCity and GlOilCity to people. To enhance the scenic views of lake and maintain access to it.To enhance GlOil City as a unique attraction for people and tourists.To create a quality lake-front through encouraging innovative building designand a variety of tourist, retail, leisure and rec. activities, and providing an integratednetwork of open space and pedestrian links.To facilitate the improvement of the water quality and enrichment of lakes.

Strategic Plan

To meet the aspirations of the people of Erbil to live in a diverse and excitingcity developing in a sustainable fashion and offering a continuously improvingquality of life.

Focus Groups

Arts Culture



Site Ecology