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Architectural Project & Design:
Gokhan Avcioglu & GAD
Project Team:
Semih Acar-Paul Ragsdale-Aslı Ayvaz-Bahar Yilmaz-Guney Yırık-Jonas Kirsch-Ozan Ertug-Nihan Metiner-Martina La Vista-Hande Kocabas-Yigit Ogutogulları-Emre Bilol-Aylin Degirmen-Beste Dabakoglu-Eray Senturk-Cansu Ozdemir-Oguz Cankan-Tansel Dalgali
Building Type:
Recent, Public, Hospitality, Residential
Construction Area:
195000 m2
Project Site Area:
530300 m2

Historical References

The property maintains the overall integrity of the historical layout of the land and seascape with its cities and settlements of distinctive town planning that developed along the coast of the bay, separated by green and cultivated areas framed by steep rocky hills and a narrow area of urbanized coast connected by the sea.

Throughout history, settlements have been developed with a clear hierarchy of building importance and their location to the settlement, with communal buildings such as churches and public squares at the highest point and residential on the lower levels. Such an approach has been considered when locating the main hotel building and the residences.  The height differences allow for maximum uninterrupted views of the sea.
A traditional network of paths and roads that connect settlements with each other and piers along the coastline is created, which testifies to the important role of the sea. The steepness of the natural terrain has influenced the overall shape of the roads, and the materials match those used throughout the past. A green spine for the complex is created by winding roads bordered by lush, native vegetation. The harmony between the paths and landscape gives the appearance that the roads are carved out of the mountainside over time, as if they had been worn into existence by weary travelers over the ages.
Like many of the structures in the local villages, the road network responds to the topography creating a variety of rich vistas and approached from both the upper and lower levels of the buildings.  Roughhewn stone walls provide a timeless character for the service corridors.  Teven the staircases respond to the topography and views, making each step a journey and opportunity for unique memories.  Inspired by the rooftop patios of the nearby historic-themed Sveti Stefani, the project makes extensive use of private terraces and pools that often occur above other units.

Design Methodology

The Montrose villas offer a high-luxury experience.  From the centralized entry overlooking a double-height void to the living space below, the sea views are open and maximized.  The upper entrance level contains the master suite and the 2nd bedroom, with large walk-in closets and en-suite bathrooms.  The lower level contains the living and entertaining spaces, opening up and connecting to the terrace for a lifestyle befitting a coastal retreat, with indoor and outdoor boundaries becoming blurred.  Additional bedrooms are also added on the lower level, along with service requirements, in such a way that creates playful variations of the facades, with more bedrooms able to be added as required. The whole building uses the topography in the most effective way, helping to also establish privacy for the pool and terrace on the lower level. The look and feel of the architecture capture the spirit of the land by using thousand-years old materials in refined, modern applications.
The project’s Branded Residences use the play of volumes and materials to create visual variety and interesting spaces that prioritize relaxation and luxury.  The massing of the buildings is diffused and deemphasized through shifting, stacking, pushing, and pulling.  Local stone and natural wood finishes combine to provide sophisticated, contemporary settings for lasting memories.  Large, expansive windows offer a strong connection to the calming Adriatic. Inspired by historic villages, rooftop patios with private pools offer residents the chance to take in the cool sea breezes while enjoying refreshments or take shelter from the sun.  The complexes are connected by a road network that responds to the site’s challenging, steep topography, creating a variety of rich vistas and approaches from both the upper and lower levels of the buildings.
From the first impression to the last, the hotel is the centerpiece of the project, exemplifying the intimacy and comfort of each pleasurable moment. The adventure begins with sweeping, breath-taking vistas of the bay and the local landscape. The journey continues through intriguing spaces that offer modernity while celebrating history and the rich culture and textures of Montenegro. Each step will be part of a deliberate experience of escape and inspiration. The connection to the site is ever-present as the architecture mimics the inclined topography and allows a controlled response to the sun and wind through operable sun shading in all of the guest rooms. The organization and plans of the guest rooms also break from classical notions to organically create an environment that stresses luxury, refinement, tranquility, and taste with stunning views.