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Next Generation School / Arnavutkoy / Istanbul / Turkey


Next Generation School / Arnavutkoy

Istanbul / Turkey
Architectural Project & Design:
Gökhan Avcıoğlu & GAD
Project Team:
Ozan Ertuğ, Oguz Cankan, Kemal Arda Alkin, Aysima Yavuz
Building Type:
Public, Interiors, Recent, Experimental
The word “school” originated from the Greek word “skole,” which has meanings like leisure, philosophy, lecture place. The next-gen school has the purpose of regaining those meanings back to the word itself with additional objectives like experimentation, refinement, and innovation.
While reclaiming those qualities, the projected facility suppose to gain a dynamic characteristic to match that conception. Several visual manifestations, digital models, physical prototypes, and algorithmic analysis to be produced simultaneously to preserve the conceptual flow throughout the design process.