Divan Kurucesme Interior Design


Project Location: Kuruçeşme / Istanbul / Turkey

Architectural Project & Design: GokhanAvcioglu& GAD / Sinan Kafadar&METEX

Project Team: Semih Acar, Nesime Önel, AysuAysoy, Efe İlgen

Project Date: 2012

Construction Type:steel construction + lightweight construction+ concrete

Site Area:6.851 m2

Total Construction Area:10.346 m2

Commercial: 4 hotel rooms, parking, multipurpose venue,meetingrooms

Awards: 2015 Green Good Design


Divan Kurucesme, with an excellent cityscape, locates at one of the spectacular coastlines of the Bosporus designed by Gokhan Avcioglu and Gad Architecture. Project location is very crucial that project should be coherent with city-silhouette, surrenders and nature. For this reason, restoration focused on preserving the existence wall and trees.

Divan Kurucesme regenerated with all of these new volumes; multiple purposes venue, meeting rooms and topography embedded 4 hotel rooms. Project also consists of parking and serving areas. Remaining of existence building has some parts like stonewalls and vaults, preserved for maintain the social and constructed identity. It is aimed that walls and vaultsturn intolivable elements of the design. During the design process of event space, concept came out with relation and proportions of the historical walls.

Roof of the building is designed as a fluxion of the green surrenders. At the same time roof holds the sunlight via controlled roof windows. Interior materials of building elements are chosen from sustainable and local materials: Rough wood panels for interior surface of roof and natural stone for the floor.