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AHK Kndu Villas / Antalya / Turkey


AHK Kndu Villas / Antalya

GAD architecture develops sustainable residences in southern turkey

Architectural Project & Design:
Gokhan Avcioglu & GAD
Project Team:
Nesime Onel, Mustafa Kemal Kayis, Goksen Gungor, Esra Esen, Semih Acar, Pelin Aribas, Osman Sumer, Volkan Kutal
Building Type:
Residential, Villa/Private Houses
Construction Area:
28000 m2
Project Site Area:
33000 m2
Ali Bekman
2018 Home Overseas Russian Awards, Best architecture and design
Best under construction development in Turkey with the AHK KNDU Villas
2016 The Plan Awards, Honorable Mention for the AHK KNDU Villas
2015 Sign of the City Awards Premium Project, The Greenest Building Under Construction
2015 European Property Awards Residential Development for Turkey for The AHK KNDU Villas, International Property Awards

The Mediterranean coast of Turkey is typical of the temperate climate of the whole Mediterranean region. Hot summers are balanced by breezy and rainy winters with consistent sunlight throughout the year. The architecture of residential buildings in the region has to adapt to these climactic advantages with solutions designed to maximise the lifestyle potential of the area. In GAD’s project for AHK Kundu a number of formal and material design solutions were employed to build a series of sustainable and life-enhancing villas inside a multi-residential development project for a local property developer.

Located in Antalya, Turkey AHK Kundu consists of four large, twenty two medium, and twelve small residential units set inside a site adjacent to a waterway that leads to the nearby Mediterranean Sea. The design of the project features sustainable design and build principles driven by environmental factors with the aim of construction using only locally available materials for low waste and low pollution. But importantly th ere were climactic factors that also dictated unique formal architectural solutions that were a challenge to construction using these locally sourced materials.

The design of the AHK Villas was guided by principals designed to create climactically responsive architecture based on the design of an exterior shell employed to optimize sunlight, wind and air circulation. Each of the villas was placed on a north-south orientation maximizing the use of sunlight via this conjoined double curved shell built with a combination of structural steel, corrugated aluminum and wood cladding. The technical engineering challenge to build this unique shape as the primary structural and architectural feature of the project with local materials and builders was the project’s primary challenge. Complexity in the construction brief intended to localise the building materials yet create a universal design meant that the realisation of the shell was a key factor. The architecture of this shell that features carefully positioned openings to take advantage of natural daylight, increase privacy and also aid in cross ventilation to create a reduction in energy consumption levels. The form and exterior timber cladding has multiple functions as it regulates climatic conditions, defining the boundary of each unit and also allows for natural sun in the interior.

The structural shell clad in local pine and oak brings an element of nature and regionality to the design. The warm organic colors communicated a message of timelessness in the application of different textures, patterns and temperatures evoking the senses with a unique Mediterranean feeling. In this way the project skillfully combines modern living with an orientation towards nature, where the gardens and green spaces merge into the contemporary Mediterranean environment realised with a disciplined and sustainable approach to architecture and construction attuned to the location.