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Architectural Project & Design:
Gökhan Avcıoğlu & GAD
Building Type:
Hospitality, Recent, Experimental
Large/small settlements in hot climates make use of building units like stacked/ juxtapositioned narrow corridors, passages, and porches to withstand the effects of the heat and create shade. These examples were formed by stitching together the products of vernacular and architecture without architects according to the ergonomy and programmatic needs of people. However, the visual quality of the coincidental unity created by this haphazard application is also aesthetically pleasing. It can be said that this is a reflection of the collective consciousness.
In the 20th century, with the pressure of the necessity of rapid construction to obtain new housing and an unwarranted self-confidence given by technical competence, architects moved away from the ancient methods of obtaining building integrity through accumulation and therefore they obtained boring/repetitive building clusters. Regulations have absorbed such approaches as they are and made regulations based on these failures.
GAD is working on a new/old approach by leaving aside those metamorphosed/degraded methods and regulations of the 20th century. Working on the principles of unit and integrity of the building accumulation method of ancient cities, GAD formed the basic principles for the application of this approach in new construction. By obtaining the characteristic features of the building masses obtained from similar dwellings from different cultures of the world, some building units were achieved and those were used for obtaining building masses. The Çeşme project is one of the reflections of this method of building.
The project concentrates on the aesthetic, functional, and ergonomic values of the integrity of the buildings, leaving aside the individual existence of each building. To make an analogy using music terms; this form of obtaining a building is similar to creating a symphony in which the instruments are used together rather than obtaining different concertos that are listened to together.