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Andalus Villa / Libia /


Andalus Villa / Libia

Architectural Project & Design:
Gokhan Avcioglu & GAD
Project Team:
Ozan Ertug, Laura Fink
Building Type:
Residential, Experimental, Villa/Private Houses
Construction Area:
2500 m2
Project Site Area:
1500 m2
GAD Architecture continues to defy catagorization with its most recent creative endeavor. Ever seeking new alternatives in the production of architecture, GAD has slipped outside its comfort zone and entered the world of science. Design Principle Gokhan Avcioglu leads his team of designers into adopting and appropriating mathematician  Stephen Wolfram’s computer program ‘Mathematica’ for new alternatives for making architecture.
GAD is interested in the provocative question about the most private and intimate of cultural typology 'domestic space'. ‘Andalus Villa,’ challenges our preconceptions of domestic space. Andalus Villa uses the cellular principles of ‘Mathematica’  to generate itself.  The process calls for active indeterminate modules that organically emerge, morph and propagate while aligned with a set of programmatic parameters to negotiate formal and spatial results. GAD further embraces new techniques by using 3D printing to create quick physical models to study design relationships. The experiments shift scales drastically, from exploring the potential of objects and furniture to studying the emergence of new urban conditions and infrastructures.