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Akusta Showroom / Istanbul / Turkey


Akusta Showroom / Istanbul

Architectural Project & Design:
Gokhan Avcioglu & Idil Ozbek
Building Type:
Interiors, Office
Two boxes in a box. One of movie, one of music. A long mall, and a passage in the mall. Hi-fi and home movie systems in the passage, a show-room for Akusta; the smallest "movie theatre” in Istanbul. 
Just like the rhythm of the music and flashing images on the screen that surround you, the space and the spaces in this space are going to take you out of the city’s chaos and make you lose your orientation. In fact, with music and cinema you can be everywhere like a voyager, and it is these voyages that will attract you to this place. Therefore, every object around you is silent, calm and sufficient. Invisible things have been considered more than the visible ones. Everything has been taken out of the view according to its function. The plywood coverings of the walls are hiding hundreds of cables that ship restless signals from one port to another. They are removable so as to enable any needed modification of the connections behind. According to different acoustical needs, they are either plain, perforated or lined. Floors are of concrete at the entrance and covered with coconut fibres elsewhere.
First the big box welcomes you and asks for your preference, then you pass either to the music box or to the movie box through the doors that rotate on an axis. Examine how the doors work, for later this will help you to get out. The big box is also used as a lobby. Have a cup of coffee and learn the new developments in the hi-fi world. On one side a narrow stairway will grab your attention; there are other things to discover on the upper floor.
Every architect dreams of music and cinema for the spaces he creates. In Akusta, this was not a problem, because neither of them stops in here.
"The show must go on.”