GAD Foundation

Architecture is a reflection of our society. Everything is important from the big picture to the smallest detail in architecture. Since every single piece is playing a part of the masterpiece, every movement will cause an dissonance in the end.Since 2013, Gokhan Avcioglu & GAD Foundation has brought professionals and students together from all around the world to discuss and plan on issues related to architecture, design, society, education, culture and environment. GAD Foundation works to effect positively practice and theory with a focus on the education, society and their intersection of architecture and politics. GAD Foundation team organize workshops, arrange internships, curate exhibitions, create student exchange programmes, write and publish books, engage architectural figures with students and society. GAD Foundation is open to generous members and supporters who make possible to develop aim of foundation and grow.GAD Foundation aims to cultivate architecture, construction, engineering and installation cultures; raise awareness and spread word on the topics of education; protect documental values and establish the necessary organization towards these goals; promote Turkish Architecture and art production abroad; enhance the solidarity among architects; support and reward the works towards education and applications; conduct directive operations in order to increase architectural creativity;inform the people about architecture; contribute to operations that provides cutting edge educational systems in educational institutions; help successful students with all kinds of support to ensure their education. For the purposes of the foundation, can collaborate with the individuals that educate in art, culture, and the areas of education to create mutual products and create opportunitites for mutual production. Foundation is also able to create domestic and/or foreign any type of academic, artistic, and cultural events and to attend these events. One of the purpose of foundation is establishing educational and academic institutions like kindergarden, highschool, to rent and get hired to manage to provide the foundation’s services; promotion of cultural establishments and conferences to improve these types of establishments and arranging domestic and foreign visits; to provide income to the foundation, providing services like educational institutions, collaboration of architects and providing spaces for architects to work, and opportunities to work.