Tree House Park Tasarım Yarışması Birinci Aşama Sona Erdi



The Tree House Park Competition organised by GAD Foundation has concluded the First Phase with the announcement of 10 finalists. These finalists are:


Bethany Hird, Caleb Birch Ehly, Chai Yi Yang, JPAG Atelier (Jean Paul El Hachem – Ralph Nassif), Selin Sevim, 41ne (Angie Aguilera – Emma Amidei – Oliver Perrett), Alejandro Moreno Guerrero, Dhruv Shah – Sneha Dhanuka, Carla Bonilla Huaroc – Samia Kayyali, Arda Ertan Yildiz


The Competition proceeds to the next phase where these 10 finalists will be asked to design tree houses and a park as a new urban typology bringing man and nature closer together. Launched in January 2021 the jurors include leading names in architecture and ecology including Winka Dubbeldam, Chris Precht, Adreas Wenning, David Basulto and Gokhan Avcioglu.


The Tree House Park Competition Website Haber Linki;


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