Antalya, a city on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, ranks third among the world cities most visited by tourists, after Paris and London, according to statistics for the year 2013, making it of great importance for both Turkish and world tourism. The project area at Kundu is situated 20 km from the city centre and 12 km from Antalya Airport, and close to a region of high tourism potential. The site adjoins the touristic coastline project area where 5-star hotels are located, and has direct access to the Mediterranean. It also adjoins the eastern boundary of the area through which the Aksu River flows and empties into the Mediterranean. This is an area where diverse activities take place and facilities for sports and social activities are planned along the banks of the river.

The project is designed for sustainability and compatibility with nature. There are solar panels on the roof of each villa, which permit considerable energy savings. The villas are arranged along the north-south axis of the site, so as to take maximum advantage of sunlight. They are designed to work together with the environment and nature, and in compliance with basic airconditioning principles. All the openings in the buildings are designed in accordance with the main wind directions in Antalya and natural airconditioning principles, so as to create comfortable and environmentally friendly interiors.

The sustainable design concept aims to make maximum use of sunlight and create environmentally friendly dwellings capable of producing their own energy based on natural airconditioning.

Wooden facing over the basic structure serves as a shell and plays a major role in balancing light in the interior, helping climate control, and in lending them a distinctive appearance within the surrounding landscape.

The general planning concept is based on leaving a green and natural environment for users and allowing only underground vehicle traffic. By this means the dwellings and nature are united with one another, creating a high quality living environment that is closely integrated with green vegetation. Every dwelling unit has its own parking area. The units are designed in three sizes: large, medium and small. The project consists of 90 dwellings in all: 15 large, 43 medium and 32 small.