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Wooden House/ Istanbul / Turkey


Wooden House/ Istanbul

Architectural Project & Design:
Gokhan Avcioglu & GAD
Project Team:
Oguz Cankan, Asli Sener, Bilge Ozbay
Building Type:
Experimental, Residential
In the beginning of 1997 a company opened a project competition to design a prefabricated frame house that would be able to be mounted rapidly in a short time like 10-15 days using German norms and wooden mounting techniques of Sweden. Our proposal has been awarded the big prize and elected for the application.
The principles of the project:
The most important factor, determining the necessities in residences momentarily, is the capacity of usage as far as the surface of usage.
The proposal has been improved according to this doctrine of inference. In a wooden structure, partition walls could also be converted into cupboards by at the same time giving it the property of supporting. These cabinets, that the equipments according to the usage of the place- like beds,  bathroom or kitchen equipments could be easily set and contained in, provides the residence to be rapidly transported and easily mounted in the working area. Traditionally, cupboards that contain the properties determining the space, also contain the sections like lumber room and washing place starting with the door. Thus, offers us the space that can easily be adapted to day and night in accordance to life. The project submits this advantage as an addition to the opportunities the company suggests. 
The employer may own a house in which he can find everything ready he has chosen from the catalogue, as much as the vertical spaces that his belongings, habits and hobbies could be placed. A house that he can go whenever he wants by only taking his jacket with him. This is a feature containing both tradition and future.