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Wepublic / Istanbul / Turkey


Wepublic / Istanbul

Architectural Project & Design:
Gokhan Avcioglu & GAD
Project Team:
Nesime Onel, Goksen Gungor, Oguz Emre Bal, Pelin Aribas, Esra Esen, Cemal Erol, Emre Bilol
Building Type:
Interiors, Leisure, Retail, Experimental
Construction Area:
5200 m2
Project Site Area:
5200 m2
Mustafa Nurdogdu, GAD
Commercial spaces are typically full of life. For this reason, they need to be easily modified, transformed, dismantled, and installed. Instead of simply decorative changes, we wanted to make a space that could transform and renew itself like a living organism, and this became the Wepublic project in Istanbul’s Akmerkez Mall. We created a fun labyrinth system in the interior that can be given radical changes or small touches and still appear spontaneous and emotive.  The space lacks the usual, boring rhythm and order.  Instead, there are various curvilinear forms that are bright, unexpected, and amorphous.
The project lies between art and architecture and intends to transform wasted space into a new, experimental space. It is more like a field study, a workshop, a large-scaled mockup.
There are two entrances, both bringing users directly into the heart of the store--a 17 meters high atrium. This atrium is also a hang-out area, an intermediate, permeable area that connects the paths of circulations.  It is a surprise area, a structure within a structure located in a mall within a mall. 
The sales departments’ interior concepts were designed by Universal Studio and HMKM Groups, and the construction was done by Yoo Mimarlık.