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Wall Street Exhibition Space / Washington / USA


Wall Street Exhibition Space / Washington

Architectural Project & Design:
Gokhan Avcioglu & GAD
Building Type:
Interiors, Experimental, Cultural, Leisure, Public
Construction Area:
1900 m2
Project Site Area:
1200 m2
The competition subject is to a propose a temporary structure to house an information center in Wall Street incorporating exhibition space and gathering space, which through its design, programming and presence will influence the future of Downtown Manhattan. The "Cultural Information Exchange” proposes the complex, civic amenities of information, interaction, and exchange critical to a new 24-hour community. The information exchange on network level already existent as a result of the activities taking place in the region has given us inspiration for a new conception of cultural exchange.
"As a huge glass block surges from the sea, the singular object is Downtown.  The top of the iceberg anchors the adrift island forever.  From far, one can see it glow...  It wants to reveal...”
Wall Street is the story of a wall becoming the street. Dutch built it to defend their arrival.  The wall survived, adapting constantly through generations, witnessing the history.  Technology and "Age of Intelligence” has redefined the space, distances and architecture, transforming big walls into cyber boundaries.  Mobility, versatility, lightness, are obtained by integrated circuits, fiber optics, infra-red lights, plastic compounds, liquid crystal screens...
The proposal took its form, as a vector in the existing grid, from the configuration of the street: the functions are disposed without breaking the fluidity of the open interior space.  Moving images all over the giant glass panels of the floor, walls and the roof will display historical documents, videos, films, or animation about the past, present and the future of Downtown Manhattan.  Visitors can access information, discovering their way through an interactive promenade suspended within the building.  The ramp leading to roof terrace, proposes a walk over liquid-crystal panels, between screens and projectors.   The roof is a free space, a minimal garden or an open-air gallery, changing with the seasons, weather and events.  Descending back, the visitor will experience a new sequence of projections in interaction with his movement, also providing a perpetual show viewed from the street and neighboring buildings.  The building will reflect what the surroundings embrace.
Floor is raised allowing utilities above grade, hiding equipment underneath.  Structure’s net-like-spaceframe stretched between transparent cast-epoxy-columns, mimics fiber optic cables transmitting electronic information, and allows the horizontal glass panels to sustain themselves across 26 feet.  Panelized walls, joints can be unfastened, structure can be dismantled to be assembled again elsewhere …