NATURA - Swissotel Resort Bodrum Beach Cover

Swissotel Resort Bodrum Beach by Gokhan Avcioglu and GAD, is a coastal development in Turgutreis, on the Bodrum peninsula, Turkey, located on a gently slopirg site with unobstructed sea Views of the Turgutreis marina. The project consists of a hotel with 60 enclosed rooms, 46 apartments, and 27 residential villas as well as a gererous spa, gym ard pool complex.
GAD's design reacts to the most pressing challenges inherent to the site; positioning a high density building on a site with a limited slope whilst providing a direct sea-view for each room
The hotel, a twisting stricture, is located on the highest point of the site and serves as the entry gateway to the envelopment. A pedestrian path links the hotel lobby to the sea, bridging the light-fboded space to a seaside restaurant &. bar at its other end, creating a focal point by the sea. This main axis strictures the development and serves as a back-spine of the site's circulation.
The apartment buildings and residental villas are arranged on a series of platforms, cascading down towards the sea, thus providing the maximum possible vista. Conceptually, each villa has two levels with private rooms in the upper ard a spacious Irving room at the garden level, offset fin walls, pushing out to the sides of the buildings, maximizing their facade and offering a sea view for each room. Wooden screens & ca.nopies add an additional layer of detail ard also provide protect bn from the intense summer sun.
Swissotel Resort Bodrum Beach, addresses the fundamental challenges inherent to the site and thereby creates a unique solution and architectural flagship for Bodrum.
What was considered when planning your design? Can we learn the reason why you used beige color natural stones in common areas and dark gray natural stone on the villas while the color white dominates Bodrum's local architecture?

In the present settlement plans and zoning rules of Turgutreis, there is a higher use of density than that issued to other villages of Bodrum. Perhaps, one of the most important features of the project was our working not with those density requirements but the project benefiting from the existing sea view.
Consideration was given to the zoning road planned to run along the whole Turgutreis shore not being detached from the settlements, being transformed in contrast into an activity area linked to the sea all hours of the day and at night, just like a promenade and starting from our plot, up to Turgutreis marina open to public use be supported by new jetties, beaches, small cafés and restaurants (approx. 4 km.)
Another point of consideration was to create multiple alternatives in housing solutions for different income groups and family member numbers. Allowing to have all rooms to enjoy Turgutreis shore view, placing the hotel at the very back beside the road as a multi-storey building. The terrace of the created linear structure was transformed into a meeting place especially to watch the sunset, converting the wonderful sunset pleasure into an event area. Care was taken that an inner promenade (alle) reaching directly to the sea, starting from the hotel’s reception and lobby area, allowing full orientation with the sea from the lobby and to build an oasis among the structures built in ramshackle white shades around; forming an environment with lots of green even with stones of earth color. It was sought to create a new landscape starting from our plot, extending to the marina.
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