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Liberum Natura / Montenegro /


Liberum Natura / Montenegro

Architectural Project & Design:
Gokhan Avcioglu & GAD
Project Team:
Gokhan Avcioglu - Gokhan Karakus - Milivoje Sestovic - Emre Bilol - Aylin Degirmen - Beste Dabakoglu - Seda Tugutlu
Building Type:
Public, Retail, Interiors, Recent, Experimental

The future of man’s existence on Earth is reliant on achieving balance. Balance in the use of resources, sharing of space and understanding of mutual dependence are important factors in achieving a sustainable future. The presence of nature, the experience of its qualities, is part of this balance that needs to be achieved globally. Yet today nature is quickly disappearing replaced by the expanding the works of man with potentially devastating results for all the inhabitants of the Earth. Nature today is under threat from population growth and resource consumption, habitat conversion and urbanization, over-exploitation of natural resources and environmental degradation. It is in this climate of crisis that nature needs to be freed to exercise it’s positive influence. The presence of nature needs to be reaffirmed and emphasized continuously through a constant engagement with its life affirming qualities. Through examples that dramatically show why nature is valuable a new balance can be achieved.

This exhibition, “Liberum Natura Montenegro”, explores the qualities of nature found in Montenegro to show the vitality and viability that has made natural life in the country a vision for a sustainable future globally. Nature in Montenegro has been a resource for the country because it has been seen not as an asset to be extracted but rather as a innovative force in the country’s future. Nature in Montenegro is free to act and cooperate with the works of man to achieve a sustainable balance. This exhibition aims to show the nature of Montenegro, its topography, geography and biological diversity as a key factor in its development of a sustainable economic future. The country is unique in possessing many diverse geological bases, landscapes, soils and climates centered around the two principals bio-geographical regions, Mediterranean and Alpine. The exhibition brings the natural environment of Montenegro inside to show first hand the nature found in the country while dramatically displaying cooperative economic and ecological policies for it’s citizens and the many visitors who take advantage of it’s unique regional culture and biodiversity.

The way in which the structure is handled is evolving the topography and biodiversity of Montenegro. First, the developments in construction and media technologies along with additional experiences, programs, functions, and responsibilities of pavillions and its visitors are taken into account and applied as a pure simplified concept. Even the structural waffle form represents caves, canyons, and mountains. Pavilion balances the natural experience with the technological presentation tools for a better experience and acknowledgment. Both the experience and the information is presented along with the crossover of the contexts of hot to cold, altitude, marine, and alpine.