Lecture at Design Junction at London Design Festival


Gokhan Avcioglu gave a lecture on September 20, 2019 at Design Junction 2019 in King’s Cross London as part of the London Design Festival 2019. His presentation on research and application of technological and smart city strategies in architecture in our cities today was attended by young architects and also students from the nearby Central Saint Martins - University of the Arts London.

Avcioglu’s presentation reviewed his approach at GAD and research at his GAD Foundation in line with the rapid changes occurring in our cites today. Using examples from the architecture of GAD, Avcioglu spoke about strategies such as roof gardens/urban farms, environmental sensing, parametric urban planning and soft cities. In a question and answer session with architecture critic Gokhan Karakus the audience posed questions on the impact of 21st century technology and knowledge in architecture with implications for the ecology of cities and their evolution.

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