LC150+ Le Corbusier Exhibition Istanbul 2023



Le Corbusier Returns to Istanbul – LC150+ Le Corbusier Exhibition Istanbul 2023

The GAD Foundation in cooperation with RT & Q Architects of Singapore and Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition, “LC150+ Le Corbusier Exhibition Istanbul 2023”, showcasing built and unbuilt buildings of the iconic Swiss-French architect displayed in 150+ models. The exhibition will be on view from May 29 to June 15, 2023, at ITU Faculty of Architecture Taskisla and will feature over 150 of Le Corbusier's. “We are thrilled to bring this important exhibition to Istanbul,” said Gokhan Avcioglu, principal and founder of the GAD Architecture and GAD Foundation.

“Le Corbusier's influence on modern architecture and design cannot be overstated, and we hope this exhibition will give visitors a greater appreciation for his legacy that has part of its origins here in Istanbul,” said Gokhan Karakus, Director of the GAD Foundation.


Exhibition of Architecture Models

The LC150+ Le Corbusier Exhibition Istanbul 2023 seeks to explore the evolution of Le Corbusier’s mastery over space and time, and his influence on architecture today. The exhibition aims to make the timeless works of the master architect accessible to all, especially in this period of limited travel.
The exhibition presents scaled models of Le Corbusier’s works from the private collection of RT+Q Architects of Singapore, with over 150 of Le Corbusier's most famous built and unbuilt examples of architecture. The physical models are the work of interns at RT+Q. Rene Tan founded RT+Q in Singapore in 2003 with TK Quek. Tan comments on the models, “Through the years, it has been a tradition for our interns to spend the first week of their internship at RT+Q building a model of Le Corbusier’s architecture. Our aim is to acquaint the young intern with the design ideas of arguably one of the most versatile architects of the 20th century.”

Le Corbusier and Istanbul

Le Corbusier, Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, was a visionary architect who changed the face of modern architecture and urban design. Born in Switzerland in 1887, he studied architecture in Switzerland and Germany before moving to Paris in 1917. There, he established his own architectural practice and quickly gained a reputation for his innovative designs. Le Corbusier made a famous eight-month “Eastern Journey” or “Useful Journey,” as he called it, from Vienna to Istanbul in 1911. Istanbul, which has an important place in the formation of Le Corbusier's modern architecture and urban planning principles, is once again a location where Le Corbusier’s work is examined.

Le Corbusier as a part of Architectural Education at Istanbul Technical University

The exhibition also includes graphic works by ITU Faculty of Architecture students under the direction of Adjunct Professor Miyuki Aoki Girardelli, Istanbul Technical University, Architecture Department. Aoki's students produced graphics of the places Le Corbusier visited, drew, and interpreted during his time in Istanbul, which formed a turning point in Le Corbusier's education and his transition to professionalism in 1911. The models and graphic designs provide insights for both interns and architects today and in the future, as well as a contemporary perspective on Le Corbusier. In this regard, the organization and curation of the exhibition are undertaken by the ITU students, Professor Miyuki Aoki Girardelli, and the GAD Foundation with Gokhan Karakus and Gurkan Guney, who are happy to invite art and architecture enthusiasts to the exhibition, which will be open at ITU Faculty of Architecture Taskisla Campus from May 29 to June 15, 2023.