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LA-BIG / Los Angeles / USA


LA-BIG / Los Angeles

Architectural Project & Design:
Gokhan Avcioglu & GAD
Building Type:
Experimental, Public
L.A. is a place that provocates feelings. Broadness and bigness penetrates everything we can distinguish in this city. The boundless Santa Monica beach is a proof that this is provoked by  the nature itself. The site chosen for the competition by the beach, with a broad flat surface and the region it touches the rocky slope is the fact that provoked us. Our proposal is to build on water instead of using the land. The beach will be a seaport for a stadium for 70000 people. The wide pier that is used as a circus playground at the moment can link the stadium to the land. The existing piers that stand on piles, the long and broad platforms make one think  "Why not?”. 
The stadium that will be built by pre-fabricated pieces will house the dressing-rooms, training rooms, service areas and technical facilities underneath the seating tiers.
A tensile roof  protects the tiers from the hot sun and a metal fence envelopes the structure enabling the adjustment of the commercial boards as well as the projection of  games and other events onto its surface, creating games of light by the reflections to the water, the beach and the surface itself.  In this arena both reached from the land and the sea, surfaces both clear and complex at the same time appear together.
The fence gives the effect of  a figure out of the sea dring daytime and a light ball during night.
A floating like object over the ocean.
Like a giant ship alongside an harbour.
Like a gigantic jelly-fish,
Like a huge octupus,
Or like a whale on the surface of the sea.
Like a scoop-net left into water.
Like an island anchored to the land by a bridge,
How big?
Big enough to serve all requirements.
Big on water is bigger than Big on land.
Always eager, inviting and audacious for noise, light and activation.
Metal fence surrounding the stadium,
Veils the wars of tactics.
From time to time the body is a broad screen,
A reflector of the motion inside.