GAD Foundation Unveils Gokhan Avcioglu's Dynamic Sculpture 'Arma' in the Heart of Istanbul at Darülbedai Park


The GAD Foundation announces the installation of Gokhan Avcioglu's sculpture "Arma" in the Darulbedyai Park in Sisli, Istanbul in cooperation with the Sisli Municipality of Istanbul. The GAD Foundation working with the Sisli Municipality has installed Gokhan Avcioglu's "Arma" statue in an important location in central Istanbul with the goal of adding art to the Istanbul urban setting with the unique forms and materials of "Arma".  

"Arma," the refined creation of artist Gokhan Avcioglu, stands as an artistic testament to the enduring concept of nature and its timeless connection to the human spirit. Artist Avcioglu's steel sculpture masterfully bridges the realms of both the divine and the abstract, offering a captivating portrayal that resonates with the intrinsic harmony of Istanbul's natural surroundings in the Darülbedayi Park in central Istanbul in the Macka district of Sisli. This unique sculpture in steel and aluminum emerging out of Avcioglu's singular vision seamlessly melds the concepts of art and nature, infusing the city with a newfound understanding of the interplay between these two powerful forces. Avcioglu's "Arma" reimagines nature within the bustling urban sphere of Istanbul, inviting its residents to embark on a profound journey where art and nature become one.