GAD Foundation and PA Interview with Iranian Architect Alireza Taghaboni


The GAD Foundation and Parametric  Architecture, PA< continue their series of  interviews with contemporary Iranian  architects with an interview of architect  Alireza Taghaboni by Hamid Hassanzadeh of PA and GAD.  Hassanzadeh spoke with Taghaboni on his work and the role of architecture in Iran today.

Architect and lecturer Alireza Taghaboni born in Tehran, Iran in 1977, commenced his university studies in 1995 in architecture at Guilan  University in Guilan, Iran. Upon receiving his master degree in Architecture in 2002, he began the PhD program at Azad University of Science and Research of Tehran graduating in 2007. Having worked for 8 years in different architecture offices, he began his own practice in 2004 and established Nextoffice in 2009 in Teheran. Nextoffice’s  architecture is known for the experimental use of form in inventive and  transformational design of over 60 projects that have received numerous  architecture awards.