Ferda Kolatan


FERDA KOLATAN of PennDesign and his master level students visit GAD Foundation and Istanbul as part of advanced research and design studio focused on the Haliç. Kolatan letured on “Real Fictions” at Kadir Has University.

The architect Ferda Kolatan, the founding director of the innovative architecture office SU11 Architecture+Design in New York City and an Associate Professor of Practice at the prominent Graduate School of Architecture at PennDesign visited Istanbul with the architecture students of his PennDesign master’s studio.

The GAD Foundation is the partner of PennDesign in Istanbul for master level research and design studios that look to generate advanced formal and theoretical models for architecture using the historic fabric of Istanbul.

Kolatan introduced by his long time collaborator Gokhan Avcioglu delivered an inspiring lecture on “Real Fictions” at Kadir Has University that was organised by the GAD Foundation.

Kolatan and his students are preparing advanced research on design and architecture for Istanbul focusing on the Golden Horn and Haliç ship building docks which will continue in the next year resulting in a book published on the subject in 2020.


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