Domus Website features GAD’s Eskisehir Hotel & Spa



GAD’s Eskisehir Hotel and Spa completed in 2013 was featured in the article “Thermal Spa Architecture: 10 Must-See Projects” on the Domus website. GAD’s design for the spa, wellness center, and hotel draws on the thermal water resources, regional architecture, and existing historical fabric of Turkey’s Odunpazari region in the city of Eskisehir in Western Anatolia. GAD has developed an extensive portfolio of buildings for tourism of which the Eskisehir Hotel is one of the most important focusing on wellness, history, ecology and advanced architectural forms.

Thermal spa architecture: 10 must-see projects

Eskisehir has a rich and stratified historical background, and the Odunpazari region, in particular, has great tourist potential with its intact historical structure. The project was strongly influenced and inspired by Eskisehir's thermal water resources, and is therefore a modern interpretation of Odunpazari's vernacular architecture and existing historical structure. The complex includes a spa and wellness centre in the centre, and residential units on the perimeter. The construction also touches on aspects of sustainable design using wind and solar energy, and geothermal energy, used not only in spas, but also for space heating during the cold seasons, through a system of geothermal heat pumps.



Credit GAD Architecture.

Photo Altkat Architectural Photography

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