Designboom - AHK KNDU VILLAS

GAD architecture develops sustainable residences in southern turkey


In the turkish resort city of antalya, GAD architecture is developing a sustainable community that will eventually comprise more than 100 residential units. situated on the country’s mediterranean coast, each ‘AHK KNDU villa’ will include integrated photovoltaic panels to produce energy, while the masterplan allows each dwelling to benefit from abundant daylight throughout the day.
GAD architecture has strategically positioned façade and roof openings to encourage ventilation. meanwhile, the project’s sustainable design strategy also ensures maximum daylight usage, solar power as a renewable energy source, and green public space for social-sustainability use.
a balcony at the upper level overlooks a secluded pool  timber cladding acts as a shell for the residences, helping to control the internal climate at night. this wooden envelope also helps delineate the home’s private areas. the two-storey scheme — which has been furnished by armani/casa — has a balcony at its upper level, overlooking a secluded pool. when complete, the development will include 17 large, 56 medium, and 50 small housing units. see designboom’s previous coverage of the project