Concept _ Fishmarket 11-2010


The Besiktas Fish Market project is a notable effort by the community of Besiktas to revitalize the neighborhood. Besiktas is located in one of Istanbul's most populated and diverse neighborhoods.It is an eclectic area with an hectic yet village like atmosphere that is in the process of urban preservation and renewal.

The project was developed into a simple yet iconic concrete and steel seashell like form covering the entire site with large openings at street level,the sturdy porous shell provides a column free interior space,optimizing the projects programmatic needs,while also providing a dramatic market place.

The interior volume is divided into 6 display sections of various sizes.The 6 sections are joined by circulation that easily connect all the sections and extends to the larger fabric.The display cases were hand-crafted by local experts as continues stainless steel forms.

For the lighting system,the design maintains the traditional use of hanging 150 watt Edison light bulbs,this lighting type is common of fish markets in Istanbul.Overall the new design presents a contemporary and programmatic solution for the famous fish market.