Architizer GAD PARK
After a few years of searching, we found a building that lifts the vehicles up to the floors instead of the structures designed as parking on the ground floor. Since the public can’t serve quickly in haste, the owners decided to change the function of the building. This building, which has the potential to respond to the magnificence and magnificence we wanted, blinked at us as a windowless and infinite 'ruin beauty'. She was waiting for us with a thick, heavy structure. We say goodbye to the infrastructure difficulties we suffered in old buildings. We are enjoying the rise that allows the floor to be added. Every architect's fetish dream is concrete bearing the soul of our contemporary mold. It must stay but still we need to soften the cold. By developing technologies architectural offices now require more digital infrastructure. Architecture offices are actually a bit different from other offices. They must have a section where models, workshops can be done with a flexible planning. Planning must be flexible enough to handle the number of architects that work around a project. This means creating an office with a physical structure in accordance with all kinds of working methods. Although we have two separate institutions, the GAD Foundation and GAD, the two structures are located in this office together. Since 2013, Gokhan Avcioglu & GAD Foundation has brought professionals and students together from all around the world to discuss and plan on issues related to architecture, design, society, education, culture and environment. Because the fluid between the foundation and GAD, the warm relationship is returning to us in a positive sense. There is an acacia tree table in our meeting room which is left as natural as possible, quite heavy and big. If we had drawn many of our customers or friends by its texture, shape they would not know where to eat and they would find it without form. However, since we arrived, we tried everybody, everyone could find a place on the corner of the table. Architecture is a bit like this, you have to try it out. The green courtyard view of the window in the office entrance is one of the most beautiful scenes we can find in Istanbul. There's a controlled light inside. We used a particularly dramatic size in the windows. We opened 2x2 windows that someone could easily put on. The light from these windows joins the middle field and gives us exactly what we want. We need more window openings at one or two points, maybe we can open them after a while. There is reinforced concrete system in the building. The floor is polyurethane. Since the material itself is a finished material, it is possible to continue to work on it all the time. Glass workers, manufacturers worked after the material was laid and did not have any problems. In the coming days we will make changes in the finish materials. We planned to put the meeting room on wooden parquet. The entrance will be a library, we have plenty of books and models. Actually, some things will be done while we live here. We want to show them here. The staircase you see on the photographs is a temporary staircase. We want to use the place where the staircase is currently located for various conversations, gatherings. We have various activities for 20-30 people. We have a huge kitchen that team can come together.We are in a time zone like "No space, no time" and there is no point where the offices are. For us the more important thing is to build relationships with people, then to build projects. So we have made the office where we can develop relationships and have chat more with our clients. We make our meetings as much as possible here because there is a lot of resources we can show here. We have recovered both physically and mentally; what we are doing, where we are, what we have done and what we want to do, we are thinking about all of these, still looking for answers.