Architects: GAD

Location: Beyoğlu/Istanbul Province, Turkey

Architectural Project & Design: Gokhan Avcioglu & GADProject Team: Jonas Kirsch, Derya Arpaç, Tahsin İnanici, Gökşen Güngör

Area: 1,040 sqm

Year: 2014

Photographs: Alp Eren

Landscape Project: GAD

Site Area: 2,100 sqm

Construction Type: Steel construction + lightweight constructionCommercial: 25 units, 2 floors, recreational rooftop, parking (underground)

From the architect. It’s so ambitious and courageous that the word food court just falls short. Cadde opens in Mecidiyeköy, Istanbul, bringing more than 25 carefully chosen fashion and lifestyle retailers and of course restaurants on Trump Towers’ roof terrace and turns it in to much more than what you might expect from any other mall.In using the container – as an every architects dream, breaking the boundaries of modularity, uniformity and ubiquity – the project combines the individual units into a redundant system to transform and change its character from there. Playing with the positve and negative volumes, alternation of open, semi-open and enclosed