GAD Architecture has been performing architectural practice, research and concept design.

GAD's belief is that contemporary and current architecture & urbanism ore influenced by software, consumer habits and behaviors and approaching to the projects holistically gad  understands architecture as a practice hot relies on experimentation, values historical precedents and finds new ways to combine both in a mutually benefiting fashion.

GAD Architecture is committed to fading innovative approaches to architecture and creating new spatial experiences with projects and ideas


The refurbishment of the Besiktas Fish Market is not a design and realization process that was prose cute din an accusto me d manner. 11 is not intended to be carried through to an incompatible state. On the contrary, the aspiration is to initiate a dynamic outset by the gradual functional supplements and substitutions and even with the immediate effects of artistic approaches.

The architectural decisions were constituted with a simplistic approach to form and solutions, in order to allow and welcome revolution in this 26x23/2 triangular space which can subsist with temporary art installations and elements that, only in the course of time, generate themselves through the medium of color, texture and light. The space mimics a piece of cloth lifted from the comers or a seashell. A junction of three roads thrives with transverse movements. Furthermore the ceiling has been kept high increasing the openness and view capacity of the restaurants. This visual linkage spontaneously promotes an invitation both towards the inside and outside. The concept of the refurbishment is primarily based on eliminating the distress of neglect, lack of infrastructure and hygiene while preparing the stall and shop owners for a more professional environment.

The seafood departments of the many new supermarkets and shopping malls were constructing a more trustworthy appearance with their infrastructure, displays and customer relations. The aim was to take BFM up to a competing level.

Besides the fishmongers, green grocers have been placed under this shell and furthermore during the restricted fishing seasons other products are put on sale. In the near future it is anticipated to have florists along the main road. This opportunity has been offered to the tradesmen with lesser stalls by the other tradesmen. The necessity of precise refinements observed during the opening period will be resolved by arrangements among the tradesmen and restaurant owners, taking advantage of the next restricted fishing season.