One & Ortakoy is a mixed-use complex currently under construction in the Istanbul neighborhood of Ortakoy. The project consists of two buildings; one building is residential and the second is commercial. Nestled next to a hillside, the project will be an iconic step forward in the modernization of the area. The project’s form, facade and overall organization developed through a series of experimental strategies influenced by contextual elements. GAD’s design solution optimizes the use of the various programs distributed throughout the site.

The roofs on both buildings are intended to be landscaped recreational playgrounds. These green roofs lessen the scale of the buildings, merging them with the existing topography. As well, the natural stone facade that wraps both buildings provides a soft skin blending with the natural hillside setting. The One & Ortakoy roof terrace plays a significant role in the perception of the building, as the roof is immediately visable upon approaching the building, in large part due to the project’s proximity to the Bosphorous Bridge. Thus, the roof terrace is a dominant element, and is designed with this in mind.

Conceived of as a green recreational level, the roof terrace includes a running track, swimming pool and extensive gardens. While the roof element serves a purpose to complete the building’s form, the green roof also presents a smart approach for covering large reflective surfaces with vegetation, and therefore reduces carbon emissions from the building.


Credits and Data
Project title: One & Ortakoy
Client / contractor: Dogu inşaat, Mehmet Uyanoglu
Location: Ortakoy, Istanbul
Architectural design: GAD & Gokhan Avcioglu
Architectural project: GAD & Gokhan Avcioglu
Project architect: Gokhan Avcioglu
Creative director: Gokhan Avcioglu
Project team: Baris Ucar, Ozan Ertug, Tahsin Inanici
Landscape project: Trafo Mimarlik
Project date: 2007-2008
Construction date: 2008-2010
Construction type: Concrete
Site area: 12,000 m2
Total construction area: 56.000 m2