TPKP Cultural Center


Location: Topkapi/Istanbul

Client: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Project Team: Gokhan Avcioglu, Nesime Onel, Goksen Gungor, Yucel Demir

Start/Completation: 2013

Building Type: Low Rise

Project Type: Urban Development

Status: study


Topkapi is a neighborhood adjacent to the Theodosian Walls built in the 5th Century AC. After the walls became redundant, the moats were filled eventually with soil and used as farmland. In the 1950’s rapid expansion of the city, the area transformed into a more urban setting, however keeping the moats as market gardens.

Today, Topkapi is one of the major transfer hubs in Istanbul with several public transportation routes intersecting.There are many public buildings being built or planned for construction, taking advantage of high accessibility from the city.The ratio of green area to the total area of Istanbul city is relatively low considering similar cities.

In addition to keeping what is available, Istanbul needs more green spaces. Moreover, the public awareness over this issue has raised considerably in the past years. All these aspects make the process more challenging.