Tasarim #249


• Topkapi Leisure Center Building is located right next to the Performance Center in Topkapi City Park. When the project is evaluated in detail with its surroundings, it is located on intense transportation axises and possesses wide recreation areas. The project will also respond to touristic usage which will further increase with the outfit areas (Panorama Museum, Planaterium, Kent Museum).

Function-wise, the project forms of three main sections. This three main spaces fiction forms of the gaps and integrity the carrier walls create by sliding on different axises. These gaps both divide the spaces based on their functions and transforms them into interior gardens and pools for the users. On the projects main axis, there is an Event Hall which will respond to many needs.

The foyer which surrounds the hall from sides enables the hall to be used in two different organizations if needed. There is an open terrace on the point where the hall meets with the park, which enables outdoors events to be held.