Live-Project 2020-21 Certificate Program Applications are Now Open!


The GADfoundation Live-Project is an annual, full-time experimental noncredit program that takes place at the heart of GAD, GADlab, GADlibrary, & the editorial group. Within the scope of their experience, we ask participants to transform insights they glean from professionals in the discipline, such as architects, academics, and artists, and turn them into a program of research, self-edification, & action.

By the end of this process, which we call “Live-Project,” participants will be able to reflect on their experiences together with the design teams and reevaluate their prior training in the scope of traditional architectural education. We want participants to undergo a process of self-construction, filling the gaps in their knowledge and realizing their own archeology. 

LIVE-PROJECT certificate program applications are OPEN ! Link;


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