The One & Ortakoy roof terrace plays a significant role in the perception of the buying, as the roof is immediately visible upon approaching the building, in large part due to the project’s proximity to the Bosporus Bridge. Thus, the roof terrace is a dominant element, and is designed with this in mind. Conceived of as a green recreational level, the roof terrace includes a running track, swimming pool and extensive gardens. While the roof element serves a purpose to complete the building’s form, the green roof also presents a smart approach for covering large reflective surfaces with vegetation, and therefore reduces carbon emissions for the building. The landscape design for the roof makes use of a constructed artificial topography, inspired by the natural topography surrounding the building. One & Ortakoy distinguishes itself from the neighborhood, setting the project apart from other buildings in the neighborhood. This is achieved, not only thru the massing itself, but also by its relationship to the natural environment surrounding it. In essence, the building performs as a living organism, evolving from basement to roof terrace. Conceptually, the roof design serves to integrate the building with Ortakoy by dissolving into it, integrating duplex garden units in the basement & ground level with vertical gardens in the intermediate levels. Therefore, it is the ambition & success of this project to be highly respectful of its natural surroundings, and to respond appropriately to the necessity for a sustainable design.


Landscape Design 37