INHABITAT-Gorgeous solar-powered and pedestrian-friendly housing development is coming to Turkey


GAD Architecture recently unveiled plans for Ahk Kundu, a beautiful and modern beacon of green development in Antalya, Turkey. Located near a major tourist zone on the Mediterranean coast, the 170-acre housing complex comprises solar-powered residential units with sculptural timber facades that maximize sun exposure and natural ventilation. The energy-efficient project emphasizespedestrian-friendly principles by relocating motorized traffic below ground and offering public transit that conveniently whisks every resident from their private carport to their home. The Ahk Kundu development is strategically located 20 kilometers west from the city center at the edge of Antalya’s tourism zone, and within a stone’s throw from the Mediterranean Sea. The project includes 123 housing units in total, 17 of which are large, 56 are medium, and 50 are small. The units are connected to one another via wide car-free landscaped pathways that lead to public green spaces, from neighborhood pocket parks to the large recreational riverside park that includes access to running paths, tennis courts, football fields, and boat docks.Related: Solar-powered POD-Idladla is a tiny flat-pack home for two that lets you live almost anywhereThe solar-powered homes follow a north-south orientation to take advantage of natural daylight. The folded, leaf-like facade comprises two curvaceous walls that culminate into overlapping roof planes, with one side raised above the other to admit indirect light and ventilation through the clerestory window. Natural light also pours through the home’s floor-to-ceiling windows on both the lower and upper levels. Each home includes a greenhouse on the southern facade and an outdoor pool. The Ahk Kundu development is currently under construction and is expected to be complete in 2016.