Gokhan Avcioglu Will Lecture At Design Junction


Gökhan Avcıoğlu, Global Architectural Development, Istanbul Design and data: ecology and evolution of architecture in cities today.

The production of data on urban environments is an important aspect of 21st century urban planning and architecture. This data represents potential new insights into habitation and living in increasingly dense cities. The access to this data and analysis of the underlying dynamics is a threshold of “smart design” strategies intended to optimise standards of living within many different urban contexts.

Gökhan Avcıoğlu of Istanbul based architecture practice GAD has been a leader in developing computational design strategies for 21st century architecture. His talk at Design Junction 2019 will focus on research and application of the formal, structural and knowledge based role of data and design in architecture in our cities today.

Avcıoğlu’s presentation will review his approach at GAD and research at his GAD Foundation in line with the rapid changes occurring in our cites today. The task in architecture has come to a point where data and analysis of urban environments has become a critical step in the design and development of new forms and structures. Using examples from the architecture of GAD he will focus on the impact of 21st century technology and knowledge in architecture with implications for the ecology of cities and their evolution.

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