Gokhan Avcioglu leads discussions on new technology in architecture


New technologies in architecture were discussed in a panel led by Gökhan Avcıoğlu at Istanbul’s Yapı Endustri Merkezi’s annual Mimarlık Haftası – Architecture Week series of discussions highlighting the importance placed by GAD on technology in architecture. Avcıoğlu moderated a panel that focused on strategic issues for architectural design processes and construction such as BIM software, Robotic Manufacture and 3d Printing. Discussions with young architects such as Salih Küçüktuna, PİN Architects, and Leyla İlman Yörür emphasized the need for more research and laboratory application of new technologies while business sector representatives Müge Semerol of Rama Tech and Aydonat Atasever of Zaxe 3D stressed the need for architects to engage in practical application of global tech trends in Turkey.

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