Eskisehir Spa & Thermal Hotel Interior Design


Project name: Eskişehir  Spa & Thermal Hotel
Location: Odunpazarı, Eskişehir, Türkiye
Client: Polimeks
Architect: GAD & Gökhan Avcıoglu
Project Coordinator: Nesime Önel

Project team: Ertugrul Morcol, Carlos Valderama, Gizem Kıroglu,Ömer Karaer, Durak Arıkan, Ayşegül Altuğ, Derya Arpaç, Mehmet Baykara, Aslı Genç, Müge Tan, Scott Baltimore, Elif Şahinoğlu

Building Type:  Mid-rise

Project type: Hizmet

Project site area: 2.500 m2

Construction area: 45.000 m2

Start/Completion: 2011/2013

2012 Highly Commended Hotel Architecture with Eskisehir Spa & Thermal Hotel for Europe, International Hotel and Property Awards
2013 Green Good Design Award
2015 WAF shortlisted
Photographs: Alp Eren ve Soner Gursoy


Eskisehir Spa & Thermal Hotel is a boutique hotel in Odunpazari, Eskisehir. Eskisehir has a long historical background as it had been governed by many different civilizations for decades such as the Hittits, the Phrygians, the Anatolian Seljuks and by the Roman, Byzantian, Ottoman Empire. The main reasons Eskisehir has had a fortunate history are the Porsuk River and rich mine resources of piolite, boron etc.  Especially the Odunpazari region has a great tourism potential with its untouched natural texture. The project is highly taken form by Eskisehir’s thermal water resources. 

There is a local belief that the water will strengthen health. The speed of tourism developments in the area showed that Eskisehir is in need of luxurious accommodation for both, Turkish and foreign visitors. Eskisehir Spa & Thermal Hotel project is a modern interpretation based on results of Odunpazari’s local architecture and historical texture analysis. The site is a perfect location for a thermal hotel which is really close to thermal water sources. Eskisehir Spa & Thermal Hotel is placed on the site without causing any damage to nature, especially old trees. The Eskisehir Spa & Thermal Hotel is tiered following the contours of the site’s terrain. 

Eskisehir Spa & Thermal Hotel includes a spa wellness center in the middle and accommodation units surrounding it. In addition a wedding venue and guest bungalows located in a hillside pine forest accomplish the program. The wedding venue is maintained as a separate program from the hotel. The spa and wellness center are buried in the ground to benefit from the geothermal features. The spa section has a sunbath terrace and a indoor pool covered with domes to obtain natural sunlight and to filter it like in a traditional Turkish hamam. The inner courtyard where the pooldeck can be find offers a great view above the forest towards the city center of Eskisehir.