Cercle d'Orient


Project name: Cercle d'Orient
Location: Kadikoy / Istanbul / Turkey
Client: Cercle d'Orient
Architect: GAD & Gokhan Avcioglu
Start / Compelation: 2002 / 2003
Building type: low rise
Project type: Hospitality
Project site area: 300 sqm
Construction area: 350 sqm
Status: built


Cercle D’Orient explores the potential spatial relationships inherent in the folded surface, particular to its performance as an outdoor entertainment venue and pool-side club. The Cercel D’Orient club is a proposal for a restaurant, bar & club, whose functions should occur simultaneously and fluidly. Therefore, a proposal organized by a simple folded surface presented an obvious solution.
Cercle D’Orient provides a number of unique spatial experiences, each connected to each other. At the entry level, the base of the fold serves as a platform for outdoor seating, protected by the platform above.  A series of ramps and stairs take the user to an elevated seating platform, which is an open seating area for the reaturant & bar. A final folding element provides a shaded area on the upper platform, and terminates the final fold.
A pool occupies the center of the complex, and a second folded wooden platform completes the edge adjacent to the beach, allowing for elevated dining and seating areas overlooking the sea.
Cercle D’Orient is an investigation into the fold, and the spatial complexities resulting from it’s adaptation to an outdoor entertainment venue.