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ARTIMUS by Gokhan Avcioglu

Minimal surfaces are an important concept in form making as they represent the most efficient way of enclosing space with a given surface area. These surfaces are characterized by having the minimum possible surface area for a given boundary dictated by nature and mathematics. Imagine stretching a rubber sheet over a curved surface, like a ball. The rubber sheet will try to minimize its surface area, which is why it will bulge out in the middle and be taut at the edges.

It is here that we see the power of natural forms and how they can be used in art and abstract form making that is the basis for the abstract sculpture ARTIMUS, 2023 by Gokhan Avcioglu. This abstract statue made with digitally fabricated aluminum sheets with its biophilic forms creates a new idea of art and public sculpture. The name ARTIMUS is based on the Ancient Lydian God Artimus, the Anatolian Goddess of nature, childbirth, and wildlife,  that is here part of an art piece created with abstract and organic shapes of an ancient source for contemporary public space. ARTIMUS by Gokhan Avcioglu with innovative minimal surface forms unifies a fundamental concept in art, architecture and design and their application that can lead to more meaningful public sculpture in tune with nature and natural settings.

Gokhan Avcioglu 

Artimus, 2023

Electrostatic Powder Coated Aluminum Sheets with Galvanized Steel Base
180 × 165 × 355 cm

Edition 1/3 + 1AP

Technical Specification

The Artimus sculpture has been designed for partial assembly and on-site installation ensuring seamless integration into any environment. Each part is crafted from plasma-cut 5mm aluminum sheets, connected by vertical aluminum pipes for added stability. The vertical joints are milled to the layer surfaces to strengthen the sculpture's integrity, and every pipe is securely fixed to the layers with 2 bolts on both sides.

The  Artimus sculpture is modular and can be assembled on site with minor fixes and stability improvements. This versatility and pearlescent double coating on the whole sculpture makes the Artimus sculpture a dynamic work of art that provides the force of innovative organic forms from nature.  For those seeking a custom look, this sculpture series can be produced from stainless steel or corten steel and coated with any color. The layered structure of Artimus the flexibility to explore various visual concepts for public space and nature allows for a unique and urban-scale art piece to enhance any environment.