ARCHDAILY- GAD Architecture's AHK Kundu Villas Shortlisted for WAF


The AHK Kundu Villas, a collection of homes by GAD Architecture, has recently been shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival (WAF) for Future Residential projects. The project, comprising 17 large, 56 medium and 50 small housing units, is sited next to a tourism zone in Antalaya on the Mediterranean coast of southwestern Turkey. Designed with sustainability in mind, the project makes use of resources available on the site. The houses themselves use local materials and textures, incorporating stone andtimber with subtle textures to create a tone of elegance and warmth. The master-plan places homes in a north-south orientation, using photovoltaic panels to produce energy. Facade and roof openings take advantage of natural ventilation and daylight. An exteriortimber cladding regulates temperature, and defines the boundaries of each home. Green space at the ground level stimulates social interaction and allows free circulation. Each home has access to a car park. Each house has three floors. The first includes a pool and terrace; living, dining, guest and store rooms; and a kitchen, greenhouse and toilet. The second floor contains bedrooms with private bathrooms, and a working area connected to a galley. Finally, a basement floor includes a fitness area, sauna, hobby room and servant/storage rooms. With the use of an inner courtyard, the basement is given access to natural daylight, without compromising privacy.